Datagrid2 rendering issue in studio after upgrade 9 to 10

We just migrated a studio 9 project to 10 with an upgrade to all modules.  In 10.6.9 (MTS) all datagrid2 are showing the following render issues in design mode. Editing is still available in structure mode and web rendering appears fine. We're trying to stay on LTS/MTS studio versions but for fun I tried 10.11 and the widgets are rendered correctly in studio without any other changes than version convert.   Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to see if this can be resolved in 10.6.9 MTS?    
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Hi John, 

Does the browser console log gives more information? Mostly it gives me some clear feedback about the issue.

Also the Data Widgets just got an update (V2.19.1) which includes a fix about React that could be related. Can you double check that you've got the latest version?