405 Method Not Allowed when using Mendix Model SDK v4.82.0

I've been using the Mendix Model SDK for a while to analyse our model (Modeler version 8.18.27). I'm using these versions:   "mendixmodelsdk": "^4.82.0", "mendixplatformsdk": "^4.1.1", That has stopped working; when calling Project.createWorkingCopy() I get this error: Unexpected HTTP response code: 405 Method Not Allowed. Please retry after a few minutes. If the problem persists, please consult https://mxforum.mendix.com I had some problems in the past while upgrading to SDK version 5, so I'd rather avoid that for the moment. Is SDK version 4 still supposed to work or has support been dropped?  
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The documentation says that the Mendix Platform SDKs below 5.0 are deprecated. They depend on the Projects API which is being removed in early 2024.




It looks like you will need to upgrade.