UI/UX version 10.11

I am just curious to hear how you all experience the new UI features in Studio 10. I am asking this because I am not really impressed.  I feel that the are a lot of extra clicks to do then there where in 9.  The Styling Properties are more work Simple short cuts. Setting the color of Activity was a click and than letter. Now it's a click, a letter and a click to confirm. And I feel a lot of the UX now has a click extra.    The open App dialog is slow and very inflexibel. We have redefined our branche naming convention to be shorter and less logical. Because koloms and screen cannot be resized.   Altogether it is just a whole lot of small things that have made Studio Pro less quick to work with.    I am just wandering is it me , having to get more used to 10 more, or is this a more general feeling amongst developers and should we ask Mendix to do something about this?
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No you are not the only one and Mendix is aware that the current sollution is not working. We heard through the grapevines that changes on that department are in the pipeline. And version 10.11 should already be a bit faster again then previous versions. Mendix is putting more effort in making things faster.