DataGrid2 rendering issue when updating data widgets to latest version in studio pro 10.6.3

I was using Data Widgets 2.14.0 and updated to 2.20.0 and now my data grid 2 widgets show this error when the editor is in design mode. There are no errors in my browser console, and the data grids are displaying correctly in browser. I have also updated Atlas_Core to the latest version and created a new empty project without custom dependencies/widgets (besides Data Widgets) and I see the same issue with data grid 2.    I saw a similar question here ( but there was no good answer to this issue.   UPDATE: I was able to get Data Widgets 2.18.0 to work with the latest Atlas_Core version by following these steps. 1) Deleted the datagrid  and datagrid filter mpk files in the widget directory. 2) Deleted the data widgets module. 3) Downloaded Data Widgets 2.18.0. Downgrading to any version without deleting the mpk files and module did not work. I believe the issue with studio pro 10.6 exists within Data Widgets 2.19.x and 2.20.0 datagrid files. 
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