Datagrid conversion to datagrid 2

We have a large project with over 2000 datagrids. All datagrids contain a large amount of columns.    It's extremely time consuming to convert just a single grid to datagrid 2. The way it is setup and how you need to add columns and search fields is very time consuming.    The 'old' datagrid is integrated with Studio Pro in a way that you can drag attributes to columns, auto-fill grids based on entity, auto add buttons, drag search fields from connector, etc.    Are there tips or tools to improve the conversion process? In the future we might (need) to convert all datagrids to datagrid 2, which now would cost months to do. 
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Latest versions contain a automatic conversion from DataGrid to DataGrid2. Since this is a piece of logic, Mendix could provide this as a tool "Convert all DataGrids to DataGrid2"


The other option is to write an modeler extension for this,  a lot of work and the same as above, but may be customized for your app.


3rd option is to do this via the Model SDK.


I would prefer the first one and file an idea for Mendix.