Encryption key length should be 16 error after saml module update

Hello Everyone, I have updated saml module with the version  3.6.11 and I am getting below error  I assume the error is occurring in the  MB_UploadKeyStore microflow and PreValidateKeyStoreFile java action. Logs: Nexus_COPA ProductionDisplayed Log SourcesDisplayed Log LevelsShow AllReset filters 8:08:21 PMAPPINFOCore: Initializing ConnectionBus... 8:08:22 PMAPPINFOCore: Waiting for configured storage service: com.mendix.storage.s38:08:23 PMAPPINFOis a developer license: true 8:08:27 PMAPPERROREncryption: Error while encrypting string: Key length should be 16 8:08:27 PMAPPERRORExecuting start did not succeed: result: 1, message: class com.mendix.m2ee.api.AdminException occurred while executing an admin action request. See logging output for details., caused by: class com.mendix.m2ee.api.InfoAdminException occurred while executing an admin action request. See logging output for details. 8:08:27 PMAPPWARNINGUnexpected result while starting app: 1.Please check your configuration for errors 8:08:27 PMAPPERRORStarting application failed: Application start failed 8:08:27 PMAPPERRORCore: An exception occurred while running the after-startup-action. 8:08:27 PMAPPWARNINGMENDIX LOGGING: Mendix log filter crashed with return code 0. This is nothing to worry about, we are restarting the logfilter now. 8:08:27 PMAPPERRORM2EE: Starting Mendix Runtime failed.
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Set the value of environment variable EncryptionKey in module Encryption, and make sure it has exactly 16 characters.