Configure Scheduled Event Outside of Studio Pro

We have a couple of Scheduled Events within Studio Pro that are scheduled to run hourly.  It would be great to have an interface through our internal application to configure the Scheduled Event timing details but I'm not sure how this is done.  Or, if it's even possible.  Our goal is to configure the Scheduled Event details without having to rely on a developer to make the change within Studio Pro.
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Currently it is indeed the default option for scheduling your events: define the time and frequency design-time. So if you need to adjust it, this requires a code change and a deploy.


An alternative that enables you to changes time and frequency at runtime is given by scheduling-modules like Microflow scheduled event manager, or a newer one: TaskQueueScheduler.


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In what sense do you want to configure the scheduled events in within the application, just the timing?

If so you can make an entity which saves the configuration you want to make, and set all the scheduled events on true and on the most frequent interval. 

Then use a fetch or create in every scheduled event to check if it needs to be executed or not, if yes then execute if no exit.

This gives flexibility, however you need to be aware that the scheduled event in fact is executed only it is exiting before the logic, this has as disadvantage that you still create scheduled event logs and events that you need to clean up.


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