Mendix crashes while creating NewApp from existing .MPK package

I have an existing Mx5.19.0 project in team server which i open in modeler(since i have access) and export the package as a .mpk file. My intention here is to keep this project as template and create more projects from this. I open a new mendix session(no parallel sessions) and File > Import project Package > choose the .mpk file A dialog asking for Team Server(Yes/No), new name is asked, correct data is entered. Say Ok > mendix goes gaga! and crashes. Sometimes shows the error page with option for feedback but in a flash crashes that too! What could be the reason? Where can i see what went wrong? Logs somewhere in installation directory from the Modeler is running?
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Hi Ganesh,

  My first suggestion would be to upgrade the project to 5.21.5 and try this process again.  I asume you are opening the 5.19 export in the 5.19 modeler.  A simple thing to check is to ensure that you are creating the project in a directory to which you have write access on your local machine.  I've tried to create a Mendix project on a directory to which I could not write and recieved a similar crash.

  When Mendix 'goes gaga,' does that mean it simply crashes or does a dialogue box with a 'show log' button appear for you?