What causes a deployment to the Mendix Cloud to take forever/eventually time out and break the deployment?

I am working on a fairly simple app (albeit with lots of data). I have had this problem 3.5 times (it's about to happen again, as I watch the "Run" spinner continue to spin).  Basically, every time I deploy the app to the cloud ("Mendix Cloud EU"), it seems to take longer and longer, until it eventually takes forever. This has happened three times, and I never seem to get an answer as to "why." The spinner keeps spinning (I feel like it might spin forever). If I stop the operation by closing the modeler, Running Locally or basically doing everything else, I break the deployment. The app continues working in the cloud (in the version previous to the one I am attempting to deploy) just fine, but every time I try to push it to the cloud, it will tell me that the app is currently deploying to the cloud, and to please wait until this deployment is finished. Each previous time this has happened, I have had to submit a ticket to have Mendix support (who are always pleasant and helpful) to give the thing a kick and make it deployable again. But every time this happens, the people I am making the app for lose more and more confidence in the tool. I have had one of the consultants here look at it, and he said there seemed to be nothing amiss with my code or directories.  The only people I have found on here with similar issues are always told to file a ticket, and then they sort of disappear (I asssume the ticket gets cleared, and there is no need to pursue the issue.  Does anyone have any wisdom to impart on this particular issue, maybe a sort of "Best Practice" regarding structure or methodology that makes deployments a little easier? I am sorry this post is a little spirited and wordy, but I am dismayed at this turn of events.
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