Date search in datagrid and default value

Hi All, I want to show data by default for particular date range, but I can not give default date in seach other than current date. Is there anyway to show default date range data in the grid and then after on seach of different date range, user can see different data set on the same grid? Thanks  
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I would look at creating a (non-persistent) helper entity with attributes for your data range and a referenceset to your data entity.  Then create a microflow to use these date attributes to do a retrieve of your data and fill the association to your helper entity.  The microflow should be added to on change events for your search date attributes.

You can then display a data grid of the search results using the association set in the microflow.  Other search attributes can be added if necessary.

To use this, you open the page from a second microflow which creates a record in the helper entity, sets the dates as needed, then calls the same (as used for the on change events) microflow to retrieve the records and links them to the helper entity, before showing the page.


Thanks David,

I have used this solution in one of the entity already. But for this entity data is more (around 1 milion) and can be increased.

So I can not call a miroflow on search or on change, this will probably take more time.

Do you have any other solution?