How to make Rows conditionaly visible in Tooltip Forms

I want to use conditional visibility for Columns in Mendix Modeller version 4.7.1. Since I dont have option at column level, I copied the same row to below and put conditional Visibilty at row level. But its showing Conditional Visibilty/Editability is not allowed in Tooltip form.   Any one having any idea how to handle this?
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Hi Nirmal,

Please help me to understand your question correctly. You want to show text when hovering over some field?

If that is the case, you could use the widget "Bootstrap Tooltip", available in the app store. You could use a microflow or statically type text you want to show. Also it is possible to restyle the boxes using css. 

If you wanted to hide or show rows/columns, you could also use the groupbox which is one of the containers available in the modeler.