Connect node to project for migration on-premise to cloud

An on-premise app will be migrated to the Mendix Cloud. There is a node (acceptance and production) available to connect the project to. On the node, I can select the project that currently runs on-premise. When the project is linked to the node, and database and files are uploaded, I should be able to deploy the project.  My question to double-check here: is it still possible to deploy the project on-premise when the project is linked to a node?   Answer Mendix Because the on premise app is not hosted on the Mendix platform the on premise deployment will have no affect on anything hosted on the Mendix Platform. If I am correct the deployment package is exported from the business modeler and uploaded in the Windows Server Console or in M2EE (Linux server).      
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My guess would be that unpacking the package would still work. But running the application should provide an error, since you're already using the license key.