Showing data in a multi-language option

I have a bi-lingual App (Flemisch - French) where my key-user (who is Flemisch) needs to be able to see the Dutch/Flemisch option on a ENUM selection, and in addition needs to see its "french" counterpart.  How to I poke the App to show both?
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Lex, see my post about multi language here ( ).

Create a new entity for the translatable string (you could use the enumeration and the getcaption to fill these objects). Since this object has a reference with language you can use this to show the object twice each with a different xpath based on the different language.

This way new languages can be added easily.





Can be achieved in different ways, add the 2 languages in the app. And then add the caption values per language by toggling the language in the top bar.

Then set the caption enums with double values.
flemish value / (french counterpart)
french value / (flemish counterpart)

Or you could instead use a reference selection of an entity containing both values. And display this referenced entity next to the reference selector and display the french translation next to the dropdown.