Validation problems with file-document

Hi all, I've got a 'Book' enity with some attributes and associations that are required. The book has a 1 to 1 assocation with ePub (system.filedocument).   On my book_overview page, I created a custom new-button that creates book and an epub simultaneously.  I also created a custom save-button on the NewEdit page to validate that an epub, a cover, an author and a publisher is selected (these are all objects from other entities). The problem is that when I want to create a new book and I forget to fill in one of the required attributes, I am no longer able to upload an epub. I get the following error message: For some reason, the ePub that I created with the custom new-button is now gone. This does not happen when I fill in the Book-attributes correctly, the validation for ePub then works fine. Could anyone please tell me why this happens? Much obliged!
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It sounds like the ePub object doesn't get committed - not sure how your microflow works but it could be that you don't commit that object in the case where all of the fields are not filled in correctly.

Hope that helps,