Pdf : How to fetch stored pdf files

Hi,   I am trying to retrieve all the pdf files stored in server.(path:  /deployment/data/files) Observation was pdf is in encrypted format and actual pdf generated out of mendix is unavailable. Could anyone please assist me how can i get these files?    
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If you want to export the PDF's you have several options.

You can download them from the user interface with the download file activity in a MF. You could even do a batch export with a Java action that zips a bunch of files and then downloads them.

When your application runs on premise you can export files to the file system of the server. For this you would again need a java action.

You could also use web services, you could for instance call a webservice from a document management system to drop the PDFS in there. Alternatively you could publish a web service that can be called by an external application to get the PDF files.

Another alternative would be a sftp server, in the appstore a module exists with which you can import and export files from a sftp server. Note that you will have to host the sftp server somewhere.


You need to use the Mendix entity System.FileDocument in order to determine which file is a pdf en which one is not based on the filename.

Or you could use a java action which determine the type based on the content


I mean to say here.When I generate pdf automatically it gets stored in this path.

But not in pdf format.

Its one of the requirement that they need all the pdf files generated out of mendix.