[6.10] Conditional visibility causes context object out of sync issue

Just wanted to inform you on an issue we are experiencing in our application so you do not run into this issue as well.  On left we have datagrid, on the right a dataview that listens to the datagrid on the left. In that dataview we use conditional visibility to show or hide certain elements and that is where the issues are. A ticket has been filed (47185) and I also created a sample project which is deployed at https://listendataviewwith.mxapps.io. The steps to reproduce are the following: Open the App. Select the second row. Deselect the row and make sure there is no selection. Select the first row again and notice that:   The values are not of the selected row, but of a different object Different scenario, other issues: Open the App. Deselect the row and make sure there is no selection. Select the first row again and notice that All values have disappeared except for the Task ID. Update: Mendix is working an a fix for the issue. ETA unknown at the moment.
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Update: Fix ETA is end of December or end of January


Fix is there and supports the scenario provided in the ticket, however, there is an issue with conditional visible datagrids. Will create a new ticket for that.


Currently in the middel of update 6.5 to 6.10.2 and we have a lot of issues on the visibility. Mendix losing it's context a lot. Almost all screen with more complex visibility options do not work anymore.

Fix is to add onchange microflow that only does a refresh in client. PLease put priority on fixing this bug. It really causes a big hassle.


Maybe same issue but i found that in the 6.10.1 release with listen to grids underlying grids give date search filters a default value of 01/01/1970. Also created a ticket for this.