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Hi there guys, The general population of the internet seems to have been against putting custom fonts into emails because until recently the email clients didnt like it that much. Nowadays it seems that most clients can somewhat handle the @fontface and <link> ways of customizing email fonts to a custom webfont. What would be the best way to handle this in Mendix? Just add the HTML <link> through a snippet into the email body? and have seperate templates? I'm fairly new to mendix, and this is my first post. (so i hope that when you use super nerdy language i can understand what youre saying) Happy holidays everyone,  
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If you go for the @import or the <link> option the only thing you would have to do is add those to the HTML before you send the mail. So change the HtmlBody with

"@import url('');" + $Email/HtmlBody






To check if Ronald said does work, i dont think EmailConnector module give you option to edit the email HTML header.

The @import statement can only be added in CSS i think which can only be put in the <head> tag of the HTML.

For this can you please check the SendEmailWithTemplate Java Action? in that the processed Email is coming out. If you can edit that, then add the line mentioned by Ronald in the head tag by adding inside the <style> tags. and then check if all is working.

Good luck.