Listview in a tabcontainer vanishes on iPhone

We just upgraded to 6.10.2 to get rid of the empty datagrid issue, but there is another issue in 6.10.1 that also exists in 6.10.2: On iOS, a listview in a tabcontainer vanishes as soon as you attempt to scroll it. Quite often, the listview is not rendered at all. Opening the app using the phone emulator page or the emulation features of Chrome works fine. Ticket: 47786   Edit: Mendix support told me that this started with a fix for 6.9.x to prevent flickering of pages on hybrid apps. One workaround I got from Mendix is to use a layout without scroll containers. That's fine as long as you don't need a header or footer because those would scroll with the other elements rather than staying put. I used the following workaround: Create a non-persistent entity (called Dashboard here, you can choose your own) with an enum on it. I used Tab1 and Tab2 as enum values Put buttons in the header of your page, you may need to create a new layout for this to work. Each button sets the enum value on the dashboard. I use two buttons for each 'tab', with conditional visiblity and different button type to show which is active. For each fake tab, a container with conditional visibility to display depending on the tab enum of the dashboard.   Basically I created my own tab container this way, should not be necessary. It seems iOS likes this a lot better because the listviews no longer disappear. The buttons must be in the header of the layout to prevent them from scrolling with the listview. I also tried using a container with position: fixed in CSS but that looks weird because iOS likes to bounce pages when you attempt to scroll a page while there is nothing to scroll.
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Is this with the new or the old webview? See the release notes here on how to enable the new webview on IOS.