Is there any documentation for the Font Awesome custom widget?

I really like using the Font Awesome icons in apps and was delighted to see the addition of the Font Awesome custom widget in the Modeller (Add Widget --> Add On --> Font Awesome).   But it doesn't work :(    I can see where IE is rendering the placeholder for the icon, and if I use the DOM inspector it shows me the line of HTML that is being injected (see attached screenshot).     Am I missing some CSS? Is there any documentation for this widget that may shed some light on the problem?
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You need to include a reference to your font awesome font library in the index.html. I usually just include the following:


<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/css/custom/font-awesome.min.css">

That's if i am using it locally otherwise you can include.


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

The widget should really load the font libary, but i think this is an out of date widget that needs a bit of updating. 

I hope this helps?