Grid with a data view as content

I'm a bit new on this platform so I would like to ask the following question... Is it possible to make a matrix where the columns are based on one entity and the rows are based on another. In the cells I would then like to show a couple of elements (like numbers, status indicator etc). Any suggestions?  
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You can accomplish this with nested Listviews.  Here is a post that is for a situation similar to yours (I think)  Or just search the forum for Nested Listviews and you should find a number of other posts.

Have fun!



Hi Andre,


For a DataGrid this is impossible for as far as I know. However, you could use a TemplateGrid or ListView. These allow you to have an imput object (i.e. your "Rows") and let you fill each row with a DataView (e.g. Associated or through DataSource Microflow) which then serves as your "Column". It won't look like a DataGrid, however you could style it so that it mirror the effect.


Hope this helps you out.