How to revert changes per module in once ?

Hi all,   due do overwriting texts by language operation i got a huge amount of changes which I have to revert back. Seen it is overwritten I have to revert it back, so therefore I want the know how I can revert back a module totally?    Tortoise svn has such an option but I dont know how to use it and apply it, anyone an idea to make the language changes revert back?
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As far as I'm aware you can't revert a single module in one go. This is because the source that you changed (e.g. a Snippet) makes the changes in the module's pages where you're using it.


What I tend to do depending on if I have other changes that I need to keep is:

1. Go to changes tab and revert everything that requires reverting by right clicking and selecting "Revert change"; or

2. Throw away the Project directory from my computer and get the latest version from the repository


The second option - as said - only when you have changes that you need to revert and no work that needs to be kept. Hope this helps you out.