Importing data from csv file - dynamically creating objects from the column headers

Hi  all,    We are working on importing data using the flat & delimited import module from the appstore. We are currently importing the content in this way:   Variable Type, Variable name, Variable value Object 1, vname1, 0.5 Object 2, vname1, 0.6   As you can see the list of Objects & vnames will be dynamic and we would want to store them as objects in mendix. This works fine.   For ease of use of preparing the data going forward the customer would like to create the file in such a format:   Variable name, Object 1, Object 2........ vname1, 0.5, 0.6   Has anyone encountered this? If there is a solution, and it does not necessarily need to be with the flat & delimited importer, I would be keen to hear.   Thanks 
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If you succeed in importing the right data I'd probably use some listviews and custom CSS to build that table