Unsaved changes are shown (caching?)

I have a dataview for an entity, I change a field in it, but do not save it. After this I start a search from the same page which shows the results in a popup. The microflow of the search performs a retrieve from the database. In the list with results a see the entity with the unsaved changed value. Since I did not saved it, I was expecting the orginal value and not the unsaved changed one. Do I need to explicitily refresh before the search or something?
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I've reproduced the situation in a simple test project. The mpk can be downloaded here (tinyupload)

To reproduce, go to the employee page, new, add an employee by entering the name. Add some more if you want. Open the search popup and your employees will be shown. Select one, change the name, do not save it but click the search button. The unsaved name is shown in the list with the results.

If I debug the flows used, I see that the objects are correctly retrieved from the database, but when setting the list to the helper object and retrieving it from the helper object again, the unsaved value is shown.

Any explanation of the behaviour will be appreciated.


Then this is either a bug or you did save the object somewhere, because your assumption is correct. The rule is simple, retrieving from database will give you the data as it is in the current database. So if I change some value in an entity and in the microflow also retrieve that entity again these should be different.