Error Er is een verbindingsfout opgetreden when executing deeplink

We are testing a migration project from Mx4 to Mx6. There is one deeplink that fails to execute but I am unable to pinpoint the exacte cause. This deeplink is availabe to anonymous users and will show all the current open jobs at an organization. When triggering this deeplink I will briefly see a popup that a connection error has occured and then will show me the login screen instead of the screen that is viewable by anonymous users. Strange part is that the console does not show the error. I set the log levels of the connection bus, connector and Deeplink to trace. But no errror shows up there. And what I see from the retrieves on the database the correct jobs are pulled up from the database. Anybody a bright idear on how I can debug this further?  Regards, Ronald Catersels [EDIT] I found the problem. It was indeed a problem with access rights. Because this is a migration project from Mx4 to 6 the layouts are all changed. And the problem was in the layout that was chosen as standard. I found this out after removing elements on the page. After I had removed all the data the problem still persisted and then I realized the problem. In the standard layout we show the name of the employee that has been logged in. And an anonymous user does not have rights on this microflow. So changing the layout for a generic layout solved the problem. Would be nice though if an error would be generated somewhere when a security inconsistency hits the modeler. And layouts is not the first thing that comes to mind when trying to solve security errors....
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thanks for sharing the solution Ronald :)