Using dojox in a custom widget

I'm struggling to use one of the DOJOX libraries in a custom widget. In my require section I have written: "dojox/geo/openlayers/Map" but I get a script error saying GET http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/dojox/geo/openlayers/Map.js?[some numbers] 404 (not found) When successfully loading the app I have checked what's being loaded in dojo and dojox/geo/openlayers/Map is not included (some dojox libraries such as dojox/date/buddhist are there and I can load these in). So how do I get other dojox libraries to load into a custom widget? I've downloaded the library I need from the dojo website but for some reason trying to load it as a package is not working; Mendix insists in looking for it at the URL above and it's not there. Any insight? This has cost me nearly a day so far.
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Put the dojox files in a lib folder and set the require to


geo is your widgetname and the rest is the file structure that corresponds with your folders.