Mobile app: message Cannot initialize app sometimes.. how to debug?

Sometimes endusers see a little white pop-up with this message. In the javascript of the mobile phonegap package it occures somewher in this try:   window.mxapp = { initialize: function(url, enableOffline, requirePin) { try { enableOffline = !!enableOffline; // Make sure the url always ends with a / appUrl = url.replace(/\/?$/, "/"); replaceWindowOpenFn(); document.addEventListener("backbutton", handleBackButton); setupDirectoryLocations(); var shouldDownloadFn = function(config) { return config.downloadResources || enableOffline; }; if (requirePin) { pin.verify(syncAndStartup); } else { syncAndStartup(); } } catch (e) { handleError(e); return; } function syncAndStartup() { synchronizeResources(appUrl, shouldDownloadFn) .spread(function(config, resourcesUrl) { return startup(config, resourcesUrl, appUrl, enableOffline, requirePin); }) .catch(handleError); } function handleError(e) { console.error(e); showError(makeVisibleError(e)); } }   How can we see the console message of the error?   
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Normally the 'Cannot Initialize App' error is based on a temporary connection problem, but lately more endusers got this error structural on their Android devices. The solution that works in our case is to update the Android System Webview app via Google Playstore to the latest version. The Android System Webview app is default installed on all android devices as from android version 5.0. In some cases we also had to reinstall the mendix app afterwards, to definitely get rid of the 'Cannot initialize app' error and get the app working again.


sometimes you answer your own questions: you can enable debugging in the Phonegap Build. We try that :)