Automaticly log out of the user

We thought this was simple, goto the advanced section and set a session time out.   Problem is that it is not working. Users are not logged out after system inactivity. What are we missing here? Customer has no SSO so that is not the issue here. Regards Ronald  
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I hope I don't misunderstand the ask, but I think it's good to have this info on the forum anyways.

There are two ways how a user is marked as active.
  1 as David mentions a refresh of a grid, microflow etc. Every request that is send to the server re-activates the session
  2 every X seconds the browser sends a keepalive request.


The default behavior is as follows:

  • Every 5 minutes, initiated by the browser a keepAlive request (half the session timeout)
  • Sessions remain active for 10 minutes
  • Every 5 minutes (half the session timeout) the runtime removes expires sessions (and unblocks users)


If you are looking to have users automatically sign out if they haven't clicked a button, or refreshed the page within a certain timeframe all you need to do is add the custom setting:
 - EnableKeepAlive = false

Setting keepAlive to false will cause the session to expire 10 minutes after the last click. The next clusterManagerInterval after that the session will be removed. (practically this could mean that a session can remain active for 14minutes if the last click was a few seconds after the cluster manager ran).

If the users clicks a button, refreshes a datagrid, etc, after the session expired but before the cluster manager runs, the session will remain active. The lastActive date is set to that time, and the user can remain in the application for the next 10 minutes.


With the settings from the screenshot

  • Session times out after 15 minutes
  • Keepalive is send every 7.5 minutes
  • Cluster manager runs every 10 minutes

This would still result in users remaining logged in indefinitely. You could simply turn the KeepAlive off, that would log your user out between 15 and 24 minutes (depending on when the cluster manager runs).


Any timed grid refreshes or microflow timer actions running?