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A few weeks ago I created a branch from the main line of one of the applications I'm working on. I've been making changes to this regularly and have kept it in sync with the main line; every time a colleague has committed to the main line I have merged their commit into the branch and dealt with any conflicts along the way. (By the way I know that what I have described isn't best practice, we shouldn't be making any changes on the main line but we're still new to this). Next week we're going to release what I have done in the branch and I need to merge forward my changes from the branch into the main line and commit them. Is there anything I should watch out for when doing this merge? Should I back up what's in Team Server first?  The way I plan to do the merge is to open the modeler and load the main line, then select Team > Merge Changes Here > Merge Feature Branch and select the branch in question. I assume that because I have been merging everything from main line to branch on a regular basis there shouldn't be any conflicts; all differences in the branch should be merged without question?
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You do not have to backup anything. When both branches are committed you could merge this branch back to your main line. If there are conflicts you have to decide which line should win. And if all goes wrong you could simply delete your local files and redownload the main line, because the merge will only end up in the main line when you commit after you have done the merge changes here action.