Migration of database replication

Hi, I am using database replication module for taking data from different datbase system. I migrated my application from 4.7.1 to 5.21.5 and then further 6.7.1. The problem is , system taking more time to import data from external database. Even I checked in all the environments. Instead of taking a minutes it is taking 40 minutes. How this is possible. Can somebody please let me know Is this a issue in replication or how I can regain the same performance like 4.7.1.  
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Is this only on the replication or for all transactions?

Is this the same version of database or have you moved to another version?

If its for all transactions then i think you may need to look into indexing your tables to help imrpove performance. You might also have locks on an entity that is trying to be accessed by other microflows/actions.

Is there any further information you may be able to provide?