In-client form-manupulation

Hi there, I will try to explain the problem. We are currently working on an application in which you can fill in a form. The form works with reference (set) selectors and the selectable values within a reference (set) selector depend on the the value(s) you selected at the reference (set) selector above. The problem within the form is that the values that you chose at for example selector 1, aren't commited. We can't display the values in attribute 2 based on the selected values in attribute 1.  Is there some sort of in-client form-manupilation that can help us with this? We somehow have to commit the values so the next reference selector knows which values to display.  Thank you very much for your help! Kind regards, Tim Vredevoort        
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Hi Tim

I think you can solve this by putting an OnChange event handler on Reference Set Selector 1 which commits the object.  Look in the properties window for Reference (Set) Selector 1 and you'll see an Events section, which will enable you to point to a microflow that will be executed when a change is made to the Reference (Set) Selector.

Hope that helps,



As Mike suggests, the OnChange workflow is what you are looking for. I think it might also be worth taking a look at the Questionnaire module from the app store

This includes workflow to conditionally show questions based on the answers to previous questions, which sounds like what you are trying to achieve.  Even if you don't use this module, it may give you some pointers to how to approach some of the challenges.