Tab index skipping ActionButton

I am having some issues with setting the correct tab index to include buttons in between fields. In the image below you can see how I have setup my page, the numbers indicate the tab indexes: So I would like to start in position one (this works) then when I press tab go to number 2 (works aswell) and then when I tab i want to go to the Search button (this does not work, it skips to number 4). After number 4 it goes to number 5, and then after that it goes to number 3. Is there any setting/class/index I need to set extra to include the button in this rotation?   Edit: It seems to ignore tab index completely, when adding a box next to fullname, below search with index = 6 the tab order becomes: 1,2,4,6,6,3. It just seems to go left to right, skipping buttons, after all fields have been tabbed through go to the next button.
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I think this is a bug. First the workaround(s):

  • Set the Tab index property to 0 on all of the widgets, and they'll flow left-to-right and top-to-bottom. I think this is what you want anyway.
  • If you have some need for a whacky tab order, you could use the "Set Attribute" widget in the app store to set the tab indexes as you want them to be.


Next, based on a quick review, it looks like the input boxes are getting attributes called "focusindex" instead of "tabindex", which I believe is incorrect. The buttons get "tabindex". I can't find any references to "focusindex" being an attribute that is respected by browsers. I will submit a Mendix support ticket about this issue.


EDIT: Also, that is a very strange use of tables. I would recommend you use the Mendix layout grid for this purpose, or at the very least you shouldn't need 2 tables inside of each other to accomplish your design.


EDIT 2: Support request 49300