Delete parent branch

In our current situation we have a mainline with some functionality we want to branch (A). However after branching we want to replace the main line by a different branch line (B) (we cannot merge it, we have to replace it).  Before situation: |--------------- (Branch B)  ---------------- (main)                |--- (Branch A)   After: -----------------(Main, previously branch B) --- (Branch A)    Since Branch A's parent (the main line) was replaced with Branch B, it no longer has a parent. However we might want to add the bit of functionality from Branch A later to the main line again. Is this possible?
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The Mendix TeamServer runs on SVN, and so anything you can do with SVN is possible with the TeamServer. You need an SVN tool outside of the modeler to replace the trunk with a branch, and your colleagues will need to replace their working copy of the model afterwards.


Here's the process detailed in a StackOverflow question: