Click a plus sight to make fields visible

Hi There is a form in my application which requires to show three Fields "Stage 1"  "Stage 2" and "Stage 3". But I want the user to click a plus sign in order to see the hidden fields. Say, when a user clicks the plus sight, stage 2 appears And that plus sign turns to a minus sign. When that minus sign is clicked, stage 2 disappears. Can this be done? Or I just want the user to see the stages only if he needs it, and he has to select something to see it. And if the user don't want that field he can click something again and that field should vanish. All this has to be done while the previous stage is in visible mode. I don't want the stage 1 and Stage 2 to disappear while turning on the stage 3 visibility.   Help me please Dilan
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You could use the Group Box control (which is an expandable container).  

Or, if you want something more custom, you can accomplish this by:

  • Add a boolean attribute to your domain model for each Stage you want to show and hide
  • Create a microflow for each boolean that toggles it from true to false (i.e. if the attribute is true, set it to false and if it is false, set it to true)
  • On your page, add 2 action buttons for each stage, one that says Show Stage, or has a plus sign and one that says Hide Stage or has a minus sign.  Point both action buttons to the toggle microflow for the appropriate boolean.  
  • Make the + button visible when the boolean is false and make the - button visible when the boolean is true
  • Add a Layout Grid or other container to the page to contain the contents for each stage.  Make the layout grid visible when the boolean is true


Hope that helps,