Deeplink and URL redirector

Hi there, I am having trouble setting up the DeepLink module and URL redirector. I would like to open a page (request) in a new tab. This is how I set this up:       Microflow: URL Redirector: When trying to select the URL Attribute, I am not able to select IdRequest (Autonumber). I placed the URLRedirector inside a dataview of request. I can select all attributes of request except for IdRequest. I am getting the following error message:    What am I doing wrong? Note that project security is turned of. Thank you very much for your help! Kind regards, Tim      
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Hi Tim,


Did you enable 'link' as requesthandler in your deployment configuration?

See this topic for more info



You need to be able to append the attribute containing the identifier to the deeplink or it will not know which record to retrieve.  If it will not allow you to enter the auto-number attribute, you need to create and populate a new attribute containing a unique identifier to use.  You can populate this in a before commit microflow, perhaps to a value like 'BQ' + toString($IdRequest), then use that as your deeplink identifier.

Also note that in your url redirector screen capture above, you need to set the Target to a new page to avoid replacing the current page.

Hope this helps