Loading phone specific pages

My colleagues and I have built an application and I'm now in the process of creating phone specific pages to make the mobile experience much more rewarding. What I don't understand at the moment is how to test if the user is on a smartphone, tablet or desktop so that I can load the correct page. Inside a microflow for registering an account the last activity at the moment is to show the account page. What I want to do here is decide what device the user is on and load the page specific to this device. Or is this functionality already built into Mendix and I'm trying to reinvent the wheel? I can see how you can set device specific home pages through the navigation menu, but not how you do this further down the application.
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In microflows you can use the devicetype to make specific decisions like below:

For the navigation in a mobile screen you can setup specific (mobile) navigation menu's to be used on the specific pages.

Hope this helps you in your mobile app development efforts.