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We are using ForgotPassword and Deeplink, and due to the setting of allowing Anonymous log in, the login page for users is the index.html (normally the Homepage or Dashboard). Now we want to have a background image on this page. Added a login.css to the index.html, which contains the line:  background: url('../img/background.jpg'); You can add images to the project, but after running it locally, those images appear in folder deployment/web/resources/img with the name [Module]$background.jpg There is also a folder deployment/web/img. If I placed the jpg in that folder manually the background image is shown on the page when running locally. Now runing it in the Cloud. The local deployment folder is not copied to the Cloud. And putting an image in another folder (for example: themes) will not copy the image to the correct folder, if it will be copied at all when deployed. How can I add an background image via the Modeller/upload without having to manually pu t it in the right folder? How can this be deployed to the Cloud, so their we will see the selected background image there as well, when running the app? It is part of the project and should be deployed as any other element of the app,  
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You can add an image to a modules image collection and refer to it as


Note: the ext is the same as uploaded so png, gif etc.

Note: it is case-sensitive in the cloud, but will work locally case-insensitive.




this can be tested as





Did you add it as background-image:url(/img/Administration$accept.gif) in the styles, or some other way?


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