Dynamic Page Break in Document Template

Hi Team,   Is it possible to add page break dynamically in document template while generating pdf? Scenario: I have around 15-20 tables which are getting displayed through microflows. Based on the available space I want to display the content of table.If available space is less then I want the 2nd table to start from next page.   I tried using the css page-break-inside: avoid;page-break-before:auto; it worked fine for table having less rows. However if table contains 100-200 rows then this css is trying to fit everything on same page and contents are going underneath the page. Please refer to the screenshot below.. Any pointers on this would be appreciated.   Regards, Swathi
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Do you know how many rows fit on each page? If so, you can build logic into your microflow to return only a specific number of objects in each list, and other functionality to know what was the last object that was returned. 




Based on this stackoverflow question, you might be able to use the recommended FOP property for this, which is:



Try removing those page-break css properties and adding: