Mendix 7 Conversion of Administration and Navigationlayouts.

If I create a fresh Mx 7 Project the App cloud services, Administration and navigation layouts modules are now inside the project, however if I convert a quite simple 6.9.1 project, the administration and navigation layouts modules are not moved, but App cloud services are. Moving administration to that location is not possible  by hand.  What is recommended?   Edit 1: Thanks Arjan, I have imported the versions from the appstore and they move indeed. However the Administration module uses AppCloudServices.RetrieveUserProfile which no longer exist.   Edit 2: It would be nice if the 6 to 7 conversion would do move the appstore modules for us.
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We've moved all App Store modules to the 'Project' option in the Project Explorer. This is done automatically when a module is downloaded from the App Store.

App Cloud Services, Administration and Navigation Layouts are now AppStore based.

What you can do for existing projects is download (and overwrite the existing) these modules from the App store.

* Note: there are two versions of the Administration & Navigation Layout modules in the App store

A. a version to be used together with App Cloud Services

B. a version to be used when you don't use App Cloud Services in your project.