Mendix MXBuild syntax requried to create a mda file

Hi,        Can anyone please let me know the syntax for Mendix MXBuild to create a mda file.   Thanks in advance  
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This minimal one works for me for Mx 6.10.3


"C:\Program Files\Mendix\6.10.3\modeler\mxbuild.exe" --java-home="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_65" --java-exe-path="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_65\bin\java.exe" --write-errors=buildreport.txt --output=TestCropper-1.mda TestCropper.mpr
  1. Create a build.cmd file to ease debugging and add a "pause" line at the end.
  2. Validate the paths on your system (Java and Mendix)
  3. Path to Mendix is the version of the model
  4. Take care of the "" quotes to provide parameters with spaces
  5. Optional parameters are left out
  6. Error messages are on top of the output (a written error.log would have been nice)
  7. This will create a single mda file



here is a sample,

- check your java en modeler paths and version

- replace the vars: ${appName} and ${BUILD_ID}


C:\\Tools\\mendix\\6.9.1\\modeler\\mxbuild.exe --java-home=C:\\Tools\\jdk1.8.0 --java-exe-path=C:\\Tools\\jdk1.8.0\\bin\\java.exe --loose-version-check --target=package  --write-errors=error-${BUILD_ID}.txt -o ${appName}-${BUILD_ID}.mda ${appName}.mpr"



from the command-line :

mxbuild --help

This will give you all the details of how mxbuild.exe works and what the required input parameters are.