Sending a rating by email

Hi, I would like to add images to my e-mails. I want my customers to vote by clicking on the images (stars).  The EmailTemplate module uses a Bootstrap RTE that doesn't allow me to add widgets or images directly from the modeler. I can only upload images from my computer, but that doesn't give me the option to add a microflow to it (to store the ratings). I've tried using the url of the images, but that still doesn't give me the option to add a microflow, because the modeler only shows the html body as the widget "Bootstrap RTE" Any suggestions?
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You can not invoke a microflow directly from a mail. A mail is sent to a user that is not logged in to the system and even not reading the mail in a browser. You can add deeplinks to the image and handle the deeplink (maybe anonymously) in your Mendix application. You may also use a online service like rating-widget. (this is just a sample of a service like this, I never used it, disclaimer....)


Edit 1: if you use a deeplink you need a unique id (like guid) to check the deeplink is valid and determine the source. This looks like