Tooltip: Increase width of tool tip form

Hi Team,   I am making use of show tool tip form and would like to increase the width of form without scroll bar. I tried giving style width:200% but its not working as expected.even overflow-x:hidden and overflow-y:hidden didnt work. can anyone please suggest me how to proceed?   Regards, Swathi    
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Hi Swathi,

Where did you add this style? Did you try to set the width of the page you chose as tooltip page already?

If setting the width within the tooltip page doesn't work, you could try to add the following in your stylesheet (custom.css), but this will affect all tooltip forms within your application. All tooltip forms will then get a fixed width of 750px (or whatever value you put in there). Since the tooltip seems to be added as a direct child of the body node, it seems quite hard to target it for a specific page only.

[EDIT] Updated css:

.mx-tooltip .dijitTooltipContainer,
.mx-tooltip .dijitTooltipContainer .mx-tooltip-content {
    width: 750px;



Hi Allard,

I applied that css and width got increased for that tooltip.
but page is breaking in between with scroll bar.
could it be because of the layout i have defined?

Is it possible to define a tooltip form without any layout?