Data from Flat File Export not sorting correctly in export file

I am using the Flat File export to export multiple records to a text file. Within the text file I am seeing that the data is not being put into the file in the proper sort order.  Here is some information to help:   1. I have created a relationship to the entity we want to use 2. We have a "RecordId" attribute that allows us to properly sort the data 3. The list we are returning is sorted and can be seen correctly in the variable debugger   What I am seeing is the reference set ID values are sorted differently everytime I run the export as seen in the picture below: I need to ensure that the order of the data is in the proper sort order everytime because the consuming system needs it in that order. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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I worked with Eric from Mendix and he made changes to the java action in order for it to properly sort the values and allow us to pass a list into the java code. This issue has been corrected.