Mendix 5 user lib path on the server

We need to know where Mendix 5 extracts the User lib folder on the Server.We are using external java libraries in user lib through which we connect to different web services and database.We need this information so that we can change the web service and database urls in the configuration files kept in the external java libraries.We don't need to change the urls in eclipse and create the mda file and then deploy aging on the server.We need to just change the urls in the extracted user libs whenever required so that there is very less downtime in UAT and production. I have seen that Mendix extracts the user libs in the below folders -  \Apps\hOriginations\Project\run\felixcache\bundle110\version0.0\bundle.jar-embedded  \Apps\hOriginations\Project\run\felixcache\bundle110\version0.0\bundle.jar Where do we need to do the changes? In bundle.jar-embedded or bundle.jar?  Also there are 113 bundles in the above path (\Apps\hOriginations\Project\run\felixcache\) so, we don't know whether Mendix will extract the user libs in the same path(\Apps\hOriginations\Project\run\felixcache\bundle110) every time when we deploy application or it can use different bundles every time.  There is one more way to open the mda file with winrar, go to model\bundles\project.jar.There you will find all the user lib jars and you can change the configurations.   Which on is the best approach? 1or 2 ?
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I recommend another approach: pass Mendix constants to the user libraries and manage the endpoints in a constant.

Or take a look at Kerberos module had uses a '.properties' file in a resource folder.


Your method will lead to complex deployments and mistakes.

Don't touch the bundles, Mendix handles that.