Forgot Password Module and other deeplinks

Hi, my application requires login. I  have Deeplinks working successfully. If user is already logged in link opens. If user is not logged in they are prompted to do so, then taken to the link.  For Guest nav, I direct them to a Login Page. Once logged in the deeplink is executed successfully. I am using AnonymousLogin_CopyDeepLinkInfo as the sign-in microflow for Anonymouse users. All this is working fine. I'm trying to add the Forgot Password Module, but it seems to be interfering with my other deeplinks as described above. If I change the Guest nav to NAV_GuestHomePage, Forgot Password works fine, but for my other deeplinks, the Guest user is never prompted to login so the deeplink tries to execute and open the form and fails because it doesn't have access. And, of course if I retain the Guest nav as the Login page, my other deeplinks work, but then the New Password field is not presented for the Forgot Password links. How can I get both of these to work together?
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Your GUID entity should be accessible for anonymous users.


Edit1: the anonymous user should have create rights for ForgotPassword. Otherwise he/she could never create that request.