Trouble commiting a previous version

Hello, Someone of my team accidentaly commited a faulty version of a new function that we were working on. Now we want to role back to a previous version of the main line and commit that, but we getting an error that one or more files are conflicted(not saying which files) and says that we need to use TortoiseSVN to fix that error. But we don't know what we should TortoiseSVN for or how to use it. Does someone have an idea?    
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Info about the correct TortoiseSVN version to download and install can be found here

Tortoise installs as a shell extension, so after installing it, you'll see the directories being managed by SVN when you open Windows Explorer, like this:

Right mouse on one of the directories, or subdirectories, that shows a conflict, and use the Resolve Conflicts options in SVN.  An overview of TortoiseSVN conflict resolution can be found here.

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Hmm, I think they made a mistake in the documentation there. To my knowledge you need to use SVN1.7

Download link can be found here:

And also notice that most of the time you will not see the icon overlays due to the fact that microsoft in all there wisdom decided that only 15 entries are allowed in the registry. See the stackoverflow post about how to solve: