Is there a way to visualize branches and merges?

And how should I view branch lines and merges? I've now branched twice, once from the main-line and once from that branch. I'm used to Github where I'd eventually merge back to the master but there doesn't seem to be an option for that. I had a conflict trying to merge 13 to 23 but I've solved that now   Should I make a new branch from main-line then merge what I the changes from revision 22 to 23 to that branch? How should I "merge branch to master"? Or does it not work that way?  
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Hi Jim,

Not sure if you looked at Version ControlVersion Control Concepts and Version Control Scenarios on mendix documentation which should give you better understanding about mainline and branch lines and how to manage it. 

Also you might find this Advanced Branching and Merging Strategies blog helpful. 


Hope this helps!



Mohammed Siddiqui


You could maybe create an overview using the Mendix SDK?