How to navigate/show user a different Mx page when using in landscape/portrait mode?

Hi guys   We have Mx app using mobile. We want to show a different menu structure (layout type) when user is in landscape mode; fixed menu instead of sliding in and out. I want to use herefore another  layout type with a fixed menu in the layout. Currently we don't use a native Mendix interface for tablets (navigation type), just a phone type  interface. I am wondering what the best solution would be to implement the fixed menu just in landscape mode as an layout type ? And have the following questions: 1 - If we don't use a tablet interface but just a phone interface, currentdevicetype won't be determined as tablet but as phone, right? 2 - If we would use a tablet interface just for the landscape mode, how would Mendix determine the landscape mode? 3 - And would we be able to use a different layout type for a landscape mode? 4 - Would you still advice to control layout through css and special classes like posted before? thanks
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