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Hello, I am trying to find ways of hiding text boxes in a data view when a specific condition is met. To give you some context, the entity this data view uses has lots of pretty big text boxes/areas to display and if one of them has no content would be nice not to show it. I can see some visibility options on the individual boxes but I am either not able to access them (I have checked the "make text area conditionally visible..." to no avail ) or they are not relevant as I want to hide on a content rule rather than role. Could anyone help? Also, more generally is there a way of accessing a Page as an entity with the elements of the page as attributes in the Modeler? For example, is there a way of creating a microflow that allows me to set the color property of the text of a label in a container (or something along that line)?   Thank you in advance for your kind help.
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See an example below of a reference selector that is visible based on an attribute:

In this case, the attribute is an enumeration.  If the attribute was a boolean, you would be able to indicate if the widget is visible when the attribute is true or false.

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If you are running Mendix 7 then you can add expressions in your conditional visibility https://docs.mendix.com/refguide7/conditions#21-showenable-element-based-on-attribute-value

If you use an older version I am afraid you will have to create a lot of FORM_hasXXXX attributes and use them solely for conditional visibility. Just try to avoid making them calculated attributes, this will have a very negative impact on performance.


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Dear Ferdinando, 

Above is a solution, but you also can use a boolean.
This way the content will reveal if it will be shown yes or no:
Has contents? Yes - show No - don't 
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If you are not running on Mendix 7 an alternative is the ShowByCondition widget. It's input is a microflow which will give back a boolean. Based on this boolean outcome it will show or hide the parent container and all it's child widgets (i.e. lower level DataViews over association) in it.