Mendix 5 Layout module

We have migarated our application from Mendix 4 to 5.In 4 we were using Tundra theme  to define the layout in CSS.After migartion the earlier theme didn't work so we used Mendix 5 layout module to design the layout. The problem is the the layout gets changed when we logged in as a user with language  right to left. It tries to change the layout from left to right to right to left beacuse of which the field placing gets changed.The look and feel becomes bad for RTL usr. Is it possible to define differnt layouts for different language? One for RTL and other for LTR using Mendix layout or using CSS? There is no documentation anywhere which will help in designing the layout or styling the CSS  in depth. Mendix website only talks about changing the font color or brand logo.When you design an application you want to CSS in depth to give a best outlook to the user.No documentation  how mxlib.css works or changes the look at runtime.  
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There is an widget you can use to create different styling for different users / organizations. See here:

I use it all the time in multi tenant environments.

My advise would be to create a new theme from scratch (use to create a basic theme) and then inspect your old theme and adjust the new theme accordingly.