Refreshing content when Popup window closed

I have a generic popup window that is called from several places to create a new database entry. When I close the window after creating a new record, I want to refresh a DataView that is on the page from where I opened the popup - is it possible to capture the window closing and refresh a particular dataview on the page?
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In order to refresh a data view, you'd need to refresh the data view's object. That can be done in a microflow using the change activity.

You can define a custom behavior of the "close", "cancel", or "x" buttons on a pop-up, and use a microflow to refresh the object. Here's how to set this up:

  • On your pop-up page, you should have a dataview with the context object. This object is probably either the same object as on the main page, or it's a related object
  • Create a button that calls a microflow
  • In that microflow, use a "change object" action with "refresh in browser" set to "yes" on the in-content
  • If your pop-up dataview's context object is the same as the object you want to refresh, you'll have it available as a microflow parameter
  • If not, use a "retrieve" action over association to get to the object you need to refresh


Finally, in order to set the pop-up's "x" button to run this microflow, you need to access the properties of the pop-up page, and look for the "close action" setting. In that dropdown, you'll be able to select the button you created above.

Hope that helps! If you have any follow-up questions feel free to comment or add edits to your question above.


Looking at this a little more, if I have a standard Data Grid on the home page, and update a popup item the grid refreshes.

I've been using the Bizzomate Google Timeline Chart widget from the App Store and this does not refresh.

@Bizzomate, do you know if possible to refresh this widget?